1000+ First Words By Miles Kelly: 10 Books Slipcase Set (10 Books)

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Titles in This Set﹕

1. 1000+ First Words Animals
2. 1000+ First Words Bugs
3. 1000+ First Words Farm
4. 1000+ First Words Food
5. 1000+ First Words Home
6. 1000+ First Words In the Sea
7. 1000+ First Words Nature
8. 1000+ First Words Oh the Go
9. 1000+ First Words Out and About
10. 1000+ First Words School

Description :

Young children will love exploring their world with this helpful book of first bug words! Every double-page has a different theme relating to the animal kingdom – such as Shiny beetles and Wonder wings – and is packed with words and illustrations to discover and talk about.
  • More than 100 words to explore and expand vocabulary
  • Bright illustrations to engage young readers
  • Lots for children to spot and discuss on every page
  • Simple questions on every spread
Fun questions are scattered around the pages to encourage inquisitive toddlers to interact with the book. There is a fun 'Can you find?' activity on the last page, with prompts to find objects within the book. 

First word books are invaluable for toddlers as they learn to talk – and are brilliant for sharing time and time again. 

The illustrator of this playful book is Jorge Martin. Originally from Spain, Jorge has lived in London, San Francisco, Mexico City and Hamburg. He's written a number of successful children's titles and even runs picture book courses.

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ISBN: 9781789895483


Edition: Paperback

Height(cm): 19

Width(cm): 18.5

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