Animal Picture Books [by little Tiger] - B Set (5 Books)

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Titles in This Set﹕

1) A Friend Like You
2) The Little White Owl
3) I Give You the World
4) The Great Monster Hunt
5) Big Bears Can!

Description :

A Friend Like You
Squirrel and Bird are very different. One likes nuts, and the other likes worms! But both of them are happy to try something new. And together, they make the very best of friends. A beautiful tale of an unlikely friendship.

The Little White Owl
Once there was a little white owl who lived by himself in the snow. He didn't have a mummy. He didn't have a daddy. He didn't even have a name. But he didn't really mind too much. It had always been like that. And his head was full of happy stories. Then one day, the Little White Owl sets off to explore the world, and he gets a very wonderful surprise...

I Give You the World
I give you the world and everything in it. Come, let me show you – it won’t take a minute. From soaring eagles and timid deer, to the winter’s chill and summer’s laughter, I Give You the World is a beautiful celebration of life and the natural world’s many precious gifts, this is the perfect book to welcome a new baby to the world.

The Great Monster Hunt
Early one morning, a funny noise wakes up Duck. It sounds like pshhh-pshh, and it comes from right under her bed. Duck is not quite sure what it is, and she is much too afraid to look.

Big Bears Can!
When Mummy Bear goes out, leaving Big Bear in charge of Little Bear, Big Bear has a chance to prove that Big Bears can do everything. They can swing from curtains, bounce on chairs and stand on their heads. What will Mummy Bear say when she sees all the mess? Can Big Bears get into trouble too?


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ISBN: 9781801040532


Edition: Paperback

Height (cm): 24

Width(cm): 24

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