Children's Picture Storybooks Collection Set - A Set (5 Books)

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Titles in This Set﹕

1. Cat and Dog
2. See You Later Alligator
3. Donut Touch
4. Noisy Bathtime

5. Black and White


Description :

Cat and Dog
'Cat slept in the day. Dog slept at night. But every evening they met for their daily scrap.'

After their biggest fight ever, Cat and Dog decide to come out at different times. And guess what ... they miss each other!

See You Later Alligator
When a friendly tortoise decides to set off on an adventure, he must first say goodbye to all his friends. Will he ever actually leave the zoo?

Donut Touch
Mikey the T. rex loves donuts, but he doesn't like sharing. When Mikey's delicious donuts start to disappear one by one, he thinks that the reader is taking them, but he is too busy worrying about his donut dilemma to see what's right behind him. Will Mikey ever learn to share? A laugh-out-loud, interactive story in which readers must try to turn the pages without touching the donuts and upsetting the dinosaur.

Noisy Bathtime
Jump into the bathtub with Little Hippo and join in the noisiest bathtime ever!

Discover just how noisy bathtime can be as Little Hippo and Mummy Hippo enjoy their bubbly, slippery, splishy, splashy, giggly, gurgly bubble bath routine.

Black and White
Lottie is a black-and-white panda and does not like playing with white-and-black pandas - they have absolutely nothing in common at all! Lola is a white-and-black panda and does not like playing with black-and-white pandas - they have absolutely nothing in common at all!

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ISBN: 9781801055031


Edition: Paperback

Height (cm): 25.5

Width(cm): 25.5

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