Children's Picture Storybooks Collection Set - B Set (5 Books)

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Titles in This Set﹕

1. And Nobody Noticed the Mouse
2. The Little Raindrop
3. I need a Hug
4. The Bear Who Would Not Share
5. Good Morning! Goodnight!

Description :

And Nobody Noticed the Mouse
'There was going to be a very grand wedding... but nobody noticed the mouse.'

Children will love to find the mouse that is hiding on every page in this enchanting tale.

The Little Raindrop
'One dark and stormy day, a little raindrop fell out of a cloud and flew faster and faster through the sky.'

I need a Hug
It's morning at the zoo and the animals are getting up. All except for Boo the bushbaby, who is getting ready for bed. But where is Mummy? And more importantly, where is her special bedtime hug?

The Bear Who Would Not Share
When Bear spends the morning baking delicious cakes all of his woodland friends ask to try one. There's just one problem; although Bear is a great baker he's not so good at sharing!

Good Morning! Goodnight!
Early each morning, the zoo's daytime animals wake up. At that very moment, the nighttime animals are getting ready for bed! There's just enough time for everyone to say, "Good morning!" or "Goodnight!" And what a noise they all make! A funny, rhyming animal tale in chunky board book form, complete with a sparkly foil cover finish. Perfect for sharing at bedtime, or anytime.

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ISBN: 9781801055031


Edition: Paperback

Height (cm): 25.5

Width(cm): 25.5

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