Disney Princess My Litle Library (4 Books-Board Book)

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Titles in This Set﹕

1. The Nose Knows
2. Ariel and the Ghost Lights
3. Bedtime for Max
4. Star Stories

Description :

The Nose Knows
Greta the mouse finds herself sleep walking after she moves in to Cinderella's Castle. What is causing these Nightmare Strolls?

Ariel and the Ghost Lights
Ariel's sister is sick and only a cup of night - Lilly tea can help! Join Ariel on her adventure to find the mysterious flower.

Bedtime for Max
Max is very tired, he is too busy protecting the kingdom to take the nap, Will he ever get some sleep?

Star Stories
When the night sky is too cloudy to see the constellations, Belle and Chip make a constellation of their own.

Book Information



ISBN: 9781368027281


Edition: Board Book

Height (cm): 18.5

Width(cm): 18

Number of pages:

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