Little Learner Slide and Seek Library 4 Books Childrens Collection (4 Books硬皮)

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Titles in This Set :
1. Cheep, Cheep!
2. Stomp, Stomp!
3. Hop, Hop!
4. Splish, Splash!

Description :

Meet a whole host of colourful creatures in this quirky set of board books.

With interactive sliders to slide and flaps to flip, these tactile books are the perfect introduction to a quirky animal world. In Cheep, Cheep! follow a little chick through a noisy farm and in Stomp, Stomp! take part in a dinosaur adventure. In Splish, Splash! meet all kinds of fishy friends and in Hop, Hop! join an adorable bunny bouncing through the forest.

Chunky pages and clever mechanisms are perfect for little hands.

Book Information



ISBN: 9781838913311


Edition: Board Book

Height(cm): 17.5

Width(cm): 17.5

Number of pages:

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