Miles Kelly Dinosaur Adventures Collection Set - A Set (5 Books)

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Titles in This Set﹕

  1. Diplodocus
  2. Iguanodon
  3. Plateosaurus
  4. T rex
  5. Velociraptor

Description :

Meet the Dinosaurs and follow their wild adventures! Each brightly illustrated picture book tells a simple story that will delight little dinosaur fans. Dinosaur Adventures 10-book bag contains four exciting dinosaur picture books and a dinosaur puzzle and colour book. A must-have book set for any young dinosaur fan.

This delightful tale tells the story of Dora, a Diplodocus who often tackles problems in a really odd way. For example, when she wanted leaves on the other side of the tree, she stretched her neck in an awkward way, rather than just walking around there. Silly Dora! The Allosaurus keep attacking her herd and although the other dinosaurs dismiss Dora’s ideas as ‘dippy’, she finally finds a way to get rid of the Allosaurus for good.

The story of Isaac the Iguanodon is presented in this charming picture book. Young learners will be introduced to a variety of dinosaur species. Throughout the simple and accessible narrative, readers learn that Isaac is determined to get a good night's sleep but is having trouble because all the noises in the forest are keeping him awake. Readers are encouraged to use their imagination while reading this fun volume, which includes vibrant and colourful illustrations. They'll learn life lessons through this relatable story about a common problem that's told in a cute and creative way. 

This terrific tale tells of Posy, a Plateosaurus who is known for not sharing anything with anyone – even her friends. One day, a new dinosaur called Malik moves into the desert and he is just as selfish as Posy. He challenges her ownership of the bridge. The other dinosaurs hold a competition between Posy and Malik to decide who is the biggest and best but the result is a draw. When an even bigger dinosaur enters their territory, will the two selfish dinosaurs join forces to save their land from being taken over?

T rex
Rex is one of the biggest and baddest of the dinosaurs: he is a Tyrannosaurus rex! But even the scariest creature can get a little scared, as delighted dino fans will discover from this warm, colourful story. Readers will realize there's plenty more to learn about this kind of dinosaur, and about themselves, through the friendly, achievable text and inviting illustrations.

This entertaining tale tells of Vicky, an energetic Velociraptor who is always on the go and never stays still long enough to listen to anyone. One day, after losing track of her family, she decides to look for them. On her search, she quickly finds herself facing many obstacles, including getting tangled in vines and running into two mean dinosaurs. Luckily, Vicky’s good friend Gal helps to get her out of trouble and reminds her to slow down. Will Vicky ever learn the lesson that you don’t always need to hurry?

Book Information



ISBN: 9781789890419

Author: Catherine Veitch

Edition: Paperback

Height (cm): 26

Width(cm): 26

Number of pages:

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