Miles Kelly Dinosaur Adventures Collection Set - B Set (5 Books)

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Titles in This Set﹕

  1. Allosaurus
  2. Ankylosaurus
  3. Brachiosaurus
  4. Spinosaurus
  5. Stegosaurus

Description :

Meet the Dinosaurs and follow their wild adventures! Each brightly illustrated picture book tells a simple story that will delight little dinosaur fans. Dinosaur Adventures 10-book bag contains four exciting dinosaur picture books and a dinosaur puzzle and colour book. A must-have book set for any young dinosaur fan.

Ava is an Allosaurus with a very sore tooth and it's making her feel very grumpy. She doesn't want to play with any of her friends, but each of them wants to try and help Ava get rid of her very sore toothache. But will any of their ideas work? This fantastic, fully illustrated story features stunning artwork from Steve Brown and is a terrific read for any little dinosaur fan.

This meaningful tale tells of Archie, an unlucky Ankylosaurus whose big club tail has a mind of its own and gets him into a lot of trouble – which he really cannot helpl. One day, after being left out of a game with his friends, for being too clumsy, a T-rex comes into the area and everyone gets very scared and runs away into a dark cave. Trapped and frightened, it seems only Archie’s club tail can save the day. A story to prove that everybody has their own special power and is perfect just the way they are. Celebrating individuality and inclusivity this perfectly illustrated book is a perfectly terrific read for any dinosaur fan. 

Bobby the Brachiosaurus loves to know what everyone is doing. He is always using his long neck to stick his nose into other dinosaurs' business. It's not long before Bobby gets himself into trouble, but will anyone come to help him? With amusing artwork from Louise Forshaw, this is a terrific read for any little dinosaur fan.

Suki, a Spinosaurus, has just moved into the river valley and she's finding it very hard to make friends. Everyone seems to be scared of her, but when the river bursts its banks, Suki is suddenly the only one who can help rescue all the other dinosaurs. With amusing artwork from Leire Martin, this is a terrific read for any little dinosaur fan.

This heartwarming tale tells the story of Sonny, a Stegosaurus who is forced to leave his family’s swamp and set up a new home. His dad notices that he is very distracted by something and asks him what is wrong. Sonny suddenly tells him that he misses his old friends so his dad allows him to visit them as long as he is safe. Every day he visits somebody different and without knowing, picking up little souvenirs along the way on his back plates. One day, Sonny returns home to find his new cave decorated with all the bits and pieces he had brought back. Now his new home doesn’t feel so strange! 

Book Information



ISBN: 9781789890419

Author: Catherine Veitch

Edition: Paperback

Height (cm): 26

Width(cm): 26

Number of pages:

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