Storytime Picture Books Collection 7 Books Set (7 Books)

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Titles in This Set﹕

  1. The Star of the Zoo
  2. The Short-Sighted Giraffe
  3. All About Allosaurus
  4. Unicorn Training
  5. Little Hedgehog's Big Day
  6. In a Minute, Mum
  7. The Lion Who Lost His Roar But Learnt To Draw

Description :

The Star of the Zoo
The animals are settling down for the night when a shooting star falls into the zoo. Little Star is desperate to get back home, but who will help her?

One by one, each of the animals offers to help Little Star, but none of them are tall enough to reach the sky.

Finally Ant comes forward. Together with all of her friends and family, Ant makes a tower tall enough to get Little Star home.

Their work done, the animals finally go to sleep. High above them, Little Star twinkles like a diamond in the sky.

This Storytime title is perfect for teaching children the value of teamwork.

The Short-Sighted Giraffe
Giraffe can’t see very well. But when her animal friends make her a pair of glasses, she decides she would look silly with them!

Instead of wearing them, and to prove to her friends she doesn’t need glasses, Giraffe starts putting on protective clothing to stop her hurting herself every time she trips up or stumbles.

After a series of mishaps, Giraffe is wearing a helmet, trousers, boots, a rubber ring, a bell and a ladder and the other animals think she looks ridiculous!

They put the glasses on her at night, and when Giraffe catches her reflection in the water pool in the morning she is shocked!

After taking off all the new clothes, she is left with the glasses – and finds she looks rather smart!

All About Allosaurus
Allosaurus is fed up. All anyone ever talks about is T. rex. T. rex this and T. rex that. Well he thinks it's his turn now – he's going to write a book all about him. Allosaurus sets to work, but soon everyone wants to be in his book. With a page for everyone, there might not be room for Allosaurus after all. And just what will happen when T. rex finds out she isn't included?

Unicorn Training
When Splodge shows up at the centre, looking a bit scruffy and a little sad, Tilly decides he’s perfect! When she brings him home, however, Mr and Mrs Teasel aren’t so convinced especially when he eats Mr Teasel’s slippers, whines all night and gets sparkly hoof prints all over the sofa! Will Tilly convince her parents that all Splodge needs is a little training?

Little Hedgehog's Big Day
Big school is approaching for Hedgehog. He can't sleep, all he can think about is just how big, BIG SCHOOL could be! Will he ever be big enough?

He asks Rabbit, Squirrel, Badger and finally his mum, but what will the best piece of advice be?

In a Minute, Mum
Each time he is asked to do something for someone, Rory’s response is “In a minute…”.

But what Rory doesn’t realise is that he is taking far longer than a minute to get round to doing the task.

When the tables are turned though, will Rory finally realise the error of his ways?

The Lion Who Lost His Roar But Learnt To Draw
Lionel thinks drawing is boring, all he wants to do is 'RRROAR' at everyone!

Find out what happens when he loses his voice, will Lionel discover a hidden talent?

Book Information



ISBN: 9789119234551

Author: Virginie Zurcher & Daniel Howarth

Edition: Paperback

Height (cm): 27.5

Width(cm): 25

Number of pages:

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