The Animal Alphabet Library Collection 26 Books Set (A To Z) (26 Books 硬皮)

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Titles in This Set﹕

  1. A is for Ant
  2. B is for Bee
  3. C is for Cat
  4. D is for Dog
  5. E is for Elephant
  6. F is for Fox
  7. G is for Giraffe
  8. H is for Hedgehog
  9. I is for Iguana
  10. J is for Jaguar
  11. K is for Koala
  12. L is for Llama
  13. M is for Monkey
  14. N is for Newt
  15. O is for Octopus
  16. P is for Parrot
  17. Q is for Quokka
  18. R is for Rabbit
  19. S is for Seal
  20. T is for Toad
  21. U is for Urchin
  22. V is for Vulture
  23. W is for Whale
  24. X is for X-ray Fish
  25. Y is for Yak
  26. Z is for Zebra

Description :

Introduce your little one to the alphabet in a unique way with DK’s Animal Alphabet series.
With beautiful pictures by a range of different illustrators, each book focuses on one letter of the alphabet and one animal beginning with that letter. From common animals like the bee, to the more unusual creatures such as the quokka, these books introduce children to fascinating animal facts and new words.
Curious babies and preschoolers will love learning more about their favourite animals whilst extending their vocabulary, one letter at a time. In F is for Fox enjoy new words including forest, fur, feet, fluffy, family, fruit and fantastic and learn how these relate to the cute foxes.
The sturdy board books are great for little hands, promote language development and are fun to read with bright illustrations.

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ISBN: 9780744052817


Edition: Board Book

Height(cm): 16

Width(cm): 16

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