Usborne Farmyard Tales Poppy and Sam Story Collection (20 Books)

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Titles in This Set﹕

  1. Market Day
  2. Dolly and the Train
  3. The Silly Sheepdog
  4. Kitten's Day Out
  5. The New Pony
  6. Pig Gets Lost
  7. Barn on Fire
  8. Surprise Visitors
  9. The Old Steam Train
  10. Rusty's Train Ride
  11. Woolly Stops the Train
  12. The Grumpy Goat
  13. Snow Storm
  14. Tractor in Trouble
  15. The Hungry Donkey
  16. The Scarecrows Secret
  17. Camping Out
  18. The Naughty Sheep
  19. Runaway Tractor
  20. Pig Gets Stuck

Description :

The Usborne Farmyard Tales Poppy and Sam Story Collection is a delightful series of children’s books written by Stephen Cartwright. With its engaging characters, charming illustrations, and simple yet entertaining stories, this collection has been a favourite among young readers for years.

The collection follows the adventures of Poppy and Sam, two young children who live on a farm with their parents and grandparents. Each book in the series focuses on a particular aspect of farm life, from taking care of animals to planting and harvesting crops. One of the things that set this series apart from other children’s books is its use of illustrations. Stephen Cartwright’s drawings are colourful, detailed, and full of character. Each page is filled with tiny details that children will love exploring, from the animals hiding in the background to the little mice that pop up in unexpected places.

Another strength of the Poppy and Sam series is its simple yet engaging stories. The books are written in a clear and straightforward style that is easy for young readers to understand, yet they are also full of humour and excitement. Children will love following Poppy and Sam as they explore the farm, get into mischief, and learn about the world around them.

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ISBN: 9781801316262


Edition: Paperback

Height (cm): 22

Width(cm): 21.5

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